Finding a place to call home can be a simple matter or can get very complex when a constellation of many decisions needs to be addressed. So many other life choices hinge on the choice of home! Your career, your health, your children education and your social life all gravitate around the choice of home.

Unlike most other purchases that offer money back guarantees, buying or renting the wrong house comes with severe financial consequences. Reversing a bad decision may put you in financial jeopardy. Living with the consequences of a bad decision may even cost your happiness.

Despite this, many home seekers rely on emotion or put their blind trust in sales people who, in many countries – by law – represent the interests of sellers and landlords.

By starting your search through a Happy Home Quest you can avoid regretful mistakes with potentially devastating financial consequences and improve your chances to get a place you will love and be delighted to call home for many years to come. Why would you settle for anything less?

While reading the book is a great start, you can boost your chance of finding the perfect place through dedicated coaching sessions.

Clients who have worked with me have turned

  • Overwhelm into clarity
  • Vague ideas into a compelling action plan
  • Differences into common goals

Making their search more efficient, more enjoyable, less stressful – saving time, money and needless frustrations.

One of the most frequent reasons for working with me is when partners find hard to reconcile their seemingly diverging choices and they feel pulled in different directions. Finding a place together should be a new lease on love and not a tug of war. This is where I can truly help you find that common ground you need to move forward in harmony.

While each situation is different the most typical support consists of a discovery session and a number of session designed to bring the home seekers to create a clear profile of what they are after and a communication plan that allow them to clearly explain to their agents, property finders or designers what they want and hope to find or create.

Contact me  now to find how I can help you avoid costly mistakes and find that special place you want to call home.