I love  helping people make important decisions. I am Italian executive coach and I lived and worked in Switzerland, France, the UK and the USA. At each move I had to “find home” and recreate an environment where my family could thrive. While I am still actively involved with executive coaching, I want to share my experience and expertise with home seekers so they can avoid hasty choices and make the most of their budgets.

I work with people from all over the world and all walks of life. My sessions are delivered mostly online. They are based on the 10-step process illustrated in my book Your Happy Home Quest. In a friendly and relaxed way, I help home seekers getting clear on their needs and wants, overcome differences and learn to communicate in a clear and compelling way what home means to them and what home to search for.

If you wonder where I come from here is the formal stuff: After earning a Law Degree at the University of Modena, I received my MBA at Bocconi University in Milan. In more recent years, I have completed several coaching certifications and earned a diploma in Interior Design.  I love to travel and live in the UK, near London, with my husband, our son.